Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Gray Crow

The Gray Crow

The Gray Crow:
Crows can appear in all sorts of colors, at least in paintings.
Here, a gray feathery crow is in cahoots with a brighter colored rival.
On the other side, red ribbons complete the colorful enclosure of the big gray crow.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bird Versions Today

Today, the bird has taken on many versions.
The one below is the latest.
Its appearance follows the small original more closely.
It walks through open space with just a few elements.
These are the type of tulips that first came to the Netherlands from Persia.
They can be seen in 17th century Dutch still lives.
In their curvy shapes and gentle coloring they form a counterpoint to the pitchblack thick and heavy feathers of the bird.

Crow Walking Through Renaissance Tulips

First Things First

I meant to show what became of the first bird in my painting of a long time ago, see older post.
But I was side-tracked, as you can see below.
But now, that the harvests are in, I can bring you a version of the bird as it appears today.

Checking the 2009 Harvest in Burgundy